Sunday, October 01, 2006

Been too busy to post

Been a hectic week and I've been fighting a bad cold, and yet.... I love riding in October. The leaves are turning and the air is crisp. Chilly in the mornings when I ride to work but still, this is the best riding weather of the year IMHO. The forecast calls for some showers later in the next couple of days but continued mild temps, into the high 60's most days with lows in the 40's. Cool riding but I'll slip the liner into my jacket and roll on. Unless we get a sudden surprise cold front coming through I plan on taking the bike to Boise on Wednesday after work. It's about a 250 miler ride and I have to be there Thursday and Friday for a conference. I'll come home Friday afternoon. I usually really enjoy this conference and I'm sure I'll enjoy it again but I'm really looking forward to the ride.

I know some people who put their bikes away at this time of the year. Too bad. To each his own I guess, but to my mind this is the best riding weather of the year.

Keep on keepin' on

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