Sunday, December 10, 2006

Winter! bah, humbug! ---Redux

We've had several days whith snow on the ground and it has just been too damn cold to ride. Yeah, I know, I'm a wuss. You ride at 3 degrees and show me how its done "...grumble ,mumble."

Anyway, last week we had two days in the fifties...the fifties. In December! In Idaho! Went out Friday to light the fire and guess what? DEAD BATTERY! Cold weather is hell on motorcycle batteries, this I knew but forgot. Off I went to local independent bike shop to purchase a trickle charger . "Yeah we stock 'em. $29.95. They sell like hotcakes at this time of the year. Just sold my last one two hours ago. I'll have some more by the middle of next week."

"mumble, mumble, #@**&@"

So off to the the local HD shop I go (HD of course stands for "hundred dollars"). Bought a trickle charger , $39.95, and a harness that will allow me to roll into the garage and plug in. Left Harley Dealer lighter by one fifty dollar bill and some change. No, this dealer unlike many, chooses not to offer a discount to HOG members unless you make your purchase on the night of our monthly meeting. This summer I rolled into the Harley dealer in Grand Island, NE, made a purchase, and they asked if I was HOG. Turned out they gave a 10% discount to HOG members, even to someone from an Idaho chapter. Found the same thing in Illinois and Wyoming dealers I visited.

"mumble, grumble, grrrrrrrrr!"

Anyway, the charger is on and doing its thing. I just checked and I suspect I'll be able to fire up tomorrow afternoon for a while. The forecast calls for snow.

"Mumble, mumble, grumble, wtf?"

Keep on Keepin' on

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