Sunday, April 08, 2007

First HOG ride

First scheduled Hog Ride was yesterday. We had seventeen bikes and twenty-plus people. The weather, mostly clear and in the upper sixties, was perfect and the terrai9n was beautiful. We rode what we call the Hohlbrook Loup, a 170 mile jaunt starting and returning to Pocatello passing through small towns, through farm country and down twisty two lanes through a couple of canyons and rising over 6000 ft in a couple of places, it was a great ride. The camaraderie and conversation at the scheduled stops make me look forward to a summer filled with this kind of riding. Including the hour or so spent at our lunch stop, the ride took about five hours. It was a great day. Amazing how a formation of Harleys streaming through the countryside engenders waves and smiles from bystanders.

Keep on Keepin' on

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