Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day--The Thunder Run

About 70 bikes left Pocatello this morning the start of the 4th annual Idaho Thunder Run, and event designed to remind of those who have never returned and those who still serve. Despite cool weather and a windy afternoon, the ride was a moving experience for most who participated. In Blackfoot we picked up a few more riders then went on to Idaho Falls for ceremonies at the Idaho Viet Nam Memorial. Senator Crapo made a fair speech about the meaning of Memorial Day, only once slipping in a Republican talking point. Then it was back to Chubbuck for ceremonies at city hall and then through Pocatello to the Veterans Memorial at Ross Park. At this ceremony the most inspirational and emotional speech came from Dr. Stephens, whose son Blake was killed only three weeks ago in Iraq. Calvary Alliance provided a lunch at Ross Park for the riders. All-in-all it was an uplifting experience and a great chance to ride with brother and sister veterans for a great cause. My daughter Andrea rode with me and had a great time too. I loved being able to share this part of my life with her.

Now, on the down side, At both Chubbuck and Ross Park, we heard from an evangelical/fundy preacher who spoke about our soldiers and veterans fighting and sacrificing for, among other things, our right to disagree about the war. He then, in almost the same breath, suggested that those who disagreed with him should be forced to leave the country. Typical theo-fascist crap. Oh well, his was a small and insignificant role.

The Thunder Rolled.
Support the troops--Bring them home!

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An interesting video about the Rolling Thunder visiting the US President at White House: