Thursday, June 21, 2007


Out on the prairie near the central Nebraska panhandle town of Alliance, stands a monument quite unlike any other in the world. On a couple of occasions, I've paused my ride at Carhenge, a rather whimsical reproduction of the Stonehenge site in England, using old American cars rather than stones.

In 2006, Discovery Channel's Biker Build Off did a shoot at Carhenge. The Bikes were then ridden on to Sturgis for the unveiling. Some of you may have seen that.

I mention this for a couple of reasons. First, yesterday was the Solstice, the longest day of sunshine each year and traditionally the first day of Summer. Solstice celebrations are always held at Stonehenge by modern day Druids, Pagans, and folks just looking for good party. (I don't know if they do that at Carhenge, although I have attended a party or two in Alliance.)
Second, Carhenge is a great place to stop and take a few pics on your way to or from Sturgis. Check your maps. It's about 180mi due south. If you go, check the guestbook at the site. Signatures here by travelers from all over the world. You can thank me later.

Keep on keepin' on!

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Ronn said...

He is a lot more creative than the guy outside of Amarillo, TX who just buries them by the front part of the car. However, I do believe all of his are Cadillac's.