Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Day Ride to Jackson- Swan Valley to Victor

In the Beginning,I went out to the Harley Shop on Saturday and waited around for a pick up ride. Sometimes people show and we take off. Not to be this Saturday. After about an hour I decided to ride over to Jackson, Wyoming for lunch. Here are some pictures and a description of the ride. Since I can only add about 4-5 pictures per post, there are six posts here. I put them up in reverse order so that you can start here, then scroll down to the previous post and so on, getting the whole story in correct order from top to bottom. Let's kick the tires and light the fires.

You resolve to not take the interstate at any point on the trip, so you leave Pocatello and ride to Idaho Falls on the old highway. Not exactly a challenging ride, but more interesting. In I.F. you pick up U.S. 26 East and head for Swan Valley, where your ride really starts. The closer you get to Swan valley, the better the scenery and the more interesting the road.

You're not alone on the road. These two intriguing ladies are astride a Heritage Softail. They also are heading to Jackson.

You round a curve, drop down a hill and Swan Valley lies before you. The bridge across the Snake River beckons. The road contiues to twist and turn into the small town of Swan Valley where you turn north on Idaho 32.

Idaho 32 is a wonderful motorcycle road with lots of twisties and esses. Road conditions and scenery can combine to reduce your speed. (This picture was taken along this route by accident but I like it.)

Eventually, as you head on towards Victor, you'll catch you first glimpse of the Tetons through the trees.


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