Saturday, June 02, 2007

Double Whammy!!

The week ended badly. On Thursday an acquaintance, brother biker, purchased a new bike, rode it out of the shop and only minutes later put it into a guard rail at high speed. No helmet and currently hospitalized with serious head trauma. (Of course, I rode all day today without a helmet, but I'm different.)

This was followed by the news that one of my students hanged himself on Thursday night. Eighteen years old and a young man I thought was going to make it. I had talked and joked with him the day before. I work with troubled teens and John carried a large bag of problems, his family not the least of these, but this was out of the blue. Today's ride was needed to clear my head. As were the several beers and the companionship I shared with friends last night.

Riding can be cathartic. The wind, the sounds, the smells, the feel of the road and the immediate need to focus on the ride, all work together to clear the mind and center the thoughts. So I ride.

and I keep on keepin' on


Jeff said...

So sorry to hear about both your friend and student. We live in troubled times, and it's always hard to hear about a youth that doesn't make it.

Uglicoyote said...

Thanks Jeff,

Yes, it is sad when they go like this. John comes from a family with a spotty history, alcohol and substance abuse, prison, etc. I thought he had a chance to break free, despite his own brushes with the law. He was going into the Army in the fall. He only needed two summer school credits to graduate.