Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Group of Riders

I had been told about a group of riders who met each Thursday evening at a local gas station for a ride and i had been invited to join them quite a while back. Tonight for the first time I rode with them A great bunch of guys. About a dozen bike showed up and we did about 70 miles of beautiful local back roads. The fellow who leads these rides is in his seventies(his wife rides with him) and has been riding around here for many years. He knows these back roads like nobody else so everyone just lines up and follows him. It was a great ride in near perfect weather and I'll be doing it with them again, although Thursday evenings are sometimes difficult for me due to HOG commitments. There were about four Harleys, two Goldwings, a a mixture of Suzukis, Yamahas, and a Kawasaki, all cruisers. This group isn't about what you ride, but about guys who love to ride and love motorcycles. I had a blast.

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