Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sonic Night

Last night was Sonic night for PV HOG. The usual suspects met for food, conversation, unofficial bike inspections, etc. These weekly social gatherings are a big part of HOG for many of us. After about an hour and a half some of us saddled up and rode the Mink Creek/Arbon Valley loop. It was in the nineties yesterday, but by this time it had cooled and we had a beautiful ride. A big cat crossed the road in front of us at one point. Although there are plenty of mountain lions around here, this wasn't big enough. Probably a bobcat.

Tonight our monthly HOG general membership meeting takes place. We will finalize plans for this weekend's Three Legged Challenge ride up to Challis Hot Springs. My daughter Andrea is going to take the pillion seat for this one and we're going to share the tent. I'm happy to have her along. This will be her first longer ride. Also on tonight's agenda, planning for our part in the annual POW*MIA awareness rally in July. Also coming up, the Mountain Man Run, an all male ride and three-day camping excursion to Island Park, West Yellowstone, and Quake Lake.

Keep on keepin' on!

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