Friday, June 29, 2007

Thursday Night Ride

I rode again with a group of riders that goes out almost every Thursday evening. A mixed bag of bikes, some Harleys, couple of Goldwings, Suzukis, a Yamaha or two. Mostly cruisers, but one "sport" bike in attendance. Fun to ride with these folks because they are all about the riding. The fellow who usually leads is 78 years old and purchased a brand new Ultra Glide last week. Stage One kit too. He still has the skills and the love of riding and told me,"The Harley keeps me young."

Now most(not all) of these folks are Mormons. Exactly how this heathen got invited to ride with the Saints is a long, and not particularly interesting story. Anyway, like I said before, they're about the riding. Are they "bikers" as defined by some narrow minded, self-appointed guru of the so-called "biker" lifestyle? Probably not. No tattoos here, not that much black leather, and lots of helmets. No stops every ten miles at biker bars (but good eats will draw them in). This is not the "show us your tits" crowd. Are they "bikers" as I define that term? Most definitely. They love the road and they love putting on as many miles as time and seasons allow. I have friends and ride with people who fit into both groups, but I make no bones about it. I'm in it for the ride.

On another note, we rode a loop last night that took us over Fish Creek Summit and then to Thatcher and Grace via the Bear River Valley. Beautiful ride of about 140 miles. I'm going to do it again solo in the next few days, take pictures and record the exact route so that some of you might be able to duplicate it. It's a ride that's easy to access from a couple of different directions.

Bike is in the shop today for 10,000 mile service. New plugs, etc. Actually I'm at 11,700 but this is the soonest I could get it in and have the money to pay for it.
No rich yuppie rider here.

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