Monday, June 18, 2007

Waxing Prolific and the week ahead

I've waxed prolific in the last few days. I've finished and posted four new poems and I have a couple of other poems started. This doesn't count the three baiku I posted on Friday. The muse moves in mysterious ways and I've experienced creative bursts like this before. I've been inspired by the weather, the riding I've been doing and more. The ideas just seem to "show up" and there I am, writing poetry when I should be washing the bike. I get home from a ride, I'm tired and I should be going to bed but there I sit putting my words down before they slip away. You can check my latest scribbles at Songs of the Open Road. If you like what you read, share it with your friends. If you're offended by anything I write, tell everyone you know. If you scribble poems yourself, consider sending your work along and I'll consider placing them on my page.

Several things happening with my HOG chapter this week, and then on Friday we're hooking up with two other chapters to spend the weekend riding in the mountains of central Idaho. We'll be staying at Challis Hot Springs and I hope to have lots of pictures and a complete report upon my return.

Keep on keepin' on

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