Monday, July 09, 2007

My Nomination Letter

Re: Nomination for Motorcycle/Biker Poet Laureate of the Western Frontier 2007

RoadHouse Press, Inc. ( would like to officially nominate Bill "Uglicoyote" Davis for Motorcycle/Biker Poet Laureate of the Western Frontier 2007. Davis's commitment to ePublishing and supporting Bikerpoetry through his blogs and webpages is second only to his own bikerpoetry and riding history.

Bikerpoetry is coming of age! The efforts of Bikerpoets such as Peddlar, Colorado T. Sky, Wild Bill (The Alaskan Poet), Mountain Man in Canada, Gypsypashn, Bear, JoeGo, Panhead Josh and countless others to keep bikerpoetry on the forefront of history as it comes of age are commendable. Publishers such as Jodi Lipson, Don Clady, Leo Castell are but a few of the known publishers that provide the ePage or the hard copy to bikerpoets, and I am sure there are many more out there nationally or internationally that are jumping on the bikerpoetry bus to spearhead the movement. A special mention for Bill Macmillan at Worcester's Best Poetry Venue: The Java Hut, because the stage and the mic lends the lime-light to Bikerpoetry and gives us the opportunity to showcase the genre in community. But, where would it all go without the bikerpoet who pours his/her heart and soul into carving their hard-ridden spirit onto the stage, the written page or ePage so we can all witness this genre exploding?

Through such bikerpoets as ChopprKate, Tom Quinn, Ironhorse Writer, we have seen the reason that bikerpoetry has sprung from the road to the page, because they represent hundreds of brothers/sisters who ride by bringing the thunder of their words to life. Bikerpoetry is rolling down history road so fast that it's becoming hard to keep up with the names of all who join the Bikerpoetry movement for the ride through The Biker Poetry Hall of Fame. The best way to do this is hop on one of the websites that host venues for Bikerpoetry and follow our band of BikerBards around the country as they post other bikerpoets works or put on live shows and venues throughout Biker Nation and the community at large. Check out under press releases (information) and in the northeast you can find listings on supersundayonline forums,,,,,, The Motorcyclists Post, and in CT Cruise News Newspaper (Publisher, Editor Don Clady).

RoadHouse Press, Inc. apologizes if we have left anyone out of this press release for so many, many generous community venues and bikerpoets have contributed to the coming of age of Bikerpoetry in 2007, too many to list, but they are not forgotten. Without the hard work of so many the Bikerpoetry movement would be still crawling, but thanks to so many, we are off to a great run!

The Bikerpoet Laureate is a key figure in the bringing this genre to light in the literary world. Through poetry venues, websites, publishings and public relations the Bikerpoet Laureate fosters respect between the academic community, the literary community and the biker nation as this genre steps to light and takes a bow.

Two of my favorite memories in the toddler stages of Bikerpoetry, as the editor/founder of RoadHouse Press, Inc. are sitting at Charlies' Tap in Cambridge, Massachusetts when the roar of Peddlar's bikerpoetry brought the house into thunderous applause one week and then the next week walking into a poetry workshop in Cape Cod to find Colorado T.Sky. Between the two, Sky and Peddlar, sat the poetry community. It was like bringing a couple of choppers with iron clad bikers attached into a sewing circle. The electricity zapped when Peddlar tossed verses back and forth with Sky. And this was just the early days --- today this happens week to week to week.. whenever a Biker Brother or Sister brings their work to the table, stage or the Page.

Best of luck to Uglicoyote with this nomination. I am sure he will serve the poetry community with dedication if he is appointed. Take a look at his eZine and you will see why RoadHouse Press, Inc has made this nomination:

MarySusan Williams-Migneault
Founder/Editor RoadHouse Press, Inc.

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