Sunday, July 29, 2007

The POW*MIA Rally has ended

We led about two hundred riders on a short but scenic route yesterday then stopped at the Veterans Home to visit the vets for about an hour. Our HOG group provided homemade scones and coffee and all were pleased. In the afternoon the bike rodeo, show and shine, and other activities and last night a concert with two bands. Through it all, a steady stream of visitors arrived to see the Moving Wall. The Wall remains in place today for the public and will be taken down tomorrow. My daughter and I will visit again this afternoon when she gets off of work. My wife visited yesterday and found the name of a high-school classmate who gave all. She was moved.

A personal note and editorial comment. The rally was supported by many local businesses and the local Big Dog dealer, Pocatello Cycle, was a major sponsor. Big Dog sent their truck and tent and numerous new bikes to be displayed at the rally and they were a major and popular presence. The owners of the local Harley Dealership and the parent Idaho Falls dealership did absolutely nothing . Nada. Zip. I was tempted to say "cheap bastards" but as I surveyed the parking lot yesterday with maybe a thousand motorcycles in evidence, the vast majority Harley Davidsons, I'm leaning more towards "dumb bastards." Pocatello Cycle closed down for two days to be at the rally. The absence of the Harley dealer was noticed and even commented on during the opening ceremonies on Saturday. Does the phrase "marketing opportunity" mean anything to these people?

Anyway, the rally was a great time and I can see it growing every year. This is the seventh year and at this rate there will be many more. Here are a few pictures. That POW*MIA flag in the picture was huge, 60' x 30'. Brought down from Minnesota by the T-shirt vendor.

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