Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tincup/Jackson Ride

Rode with my Brother and Sister PV HOGsters through the mountains to Jackson, Wyoming and it was a heck of a good ride. These rides are always as much about the companionship as about the riding, but the riding is spectacular. We are fortunate to live here in the Northern Rockies where good rides lay just outside our door and and half hour on the road can put us into some of the most beautiful country imaginable. No major population centers immediately at hand either, so you can usually ride without the distraction of traffic.
Here's a picture taken on Teton Pass by a nice young couple from Massachusetts, also pictured here. To them, a thank you.

Like I said, the camaraderie can be just as important as the ride and I always enjoy riding with this group. They are real Brothers and Sisters of the Road. We mad one mistake on this trip. We picked up stray and our ride leader decided to allow him ride with us. This guy was all tats, attitude, and bullshit. He regaled us with stories of his biking prowess at every stop, but he wore a Big DOG vest and rode a Yo-mama Venture with bad pipes. Now I have nothing against Yamaha's but he managed to tell us several times why he wouldn't ride a Harley and cussed "rich yuppies" on several occasions. I rode tail-gunner and I take my responsibilities seriously so I couldn't run him off the road, although the thought occurred to me more than once.
The kicker came up on Teton Pass with the nice young couple who helped us out by taking our group picture. As we pulled away the young man was snapping his own pictures our group and Mr.Yamaha biker flipped him the bird. What an ass! To the folks from Massachusetts, if you read this, my apologies.

So Mr.Yo-mama, your tattoos, your bullshit, and your smart-ass attitude don't make you a biker. I'd much rather ride across the country with a pack of rich yuppie's who treat other people with respect and try to honor the code of the road, than ride one hundred yards with an asshole like you. Your wife was nice though. Go figure?


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