Saturday, July 14, 2007

Today's Ride

Sitting around in my underwear this morning when Bro Rocky called and said, "We're leaving for a ride in fifteen minutes. Want to go?"

Well of course I wanted to go. Does a bear shit in the woods? Is Dick Cheney an asshole? Of course I wanted to go. I asked for twenty minutes and hustled to get ready.

We stopped for gas in McCammon and we were off for the day. Rode through the Bear River Valley over by Grace and then rode up Immigrant Pass (over 7200ft) then down into Montpelier where stopped for a long leisurely lunch. Then we worked our way back home with a couple of side trips and rest stops. Hit some rain jjust outside of town and arrived at my back door wet and happy. About 240 miles or so. I'd never ridden Immigrant Pass before but I will do so again. A really nice ride with great scenery. I only took a couple of pictures but I'll get them posted soon.
Keep on Keepin' on

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