Thursday, August 02, 2007

So, I was riding along the Interstate when this bear.....

I picked this one up from Brain Bucket Magazine.

Three motorcyclists collided with a black bear on I-95 Saturday night in St. Augustine. It landed all three bikers in the hospital and it killed the bear.

Florida - 38-year-old Russell Lemmon saw two of his fellow motorcyclists crash in front of him on the interstate.

In an interview from his hospital bed with First Coast News, Lemmon said, "So I'm trying to veer away from the sparks from the motorcycles because I could see them coming at me, and before they even got to me, it was like I hit a brick wall."

It wasn't a wall. Lemmon hit a 300 pound, six foot black bear that was crossing the highway. Witnesses say Lemmon hit the bear straight on. The two women motorcyclists who crashed had also hit the bear.

The crash flung Lemmon off his bike and into the middle of the interstate. A passer-by and rescuers came to the motorcyclists' aid.

"I was trying to crawl off the road," Lemmon remembered. "I was afraid I was fixing to get run over."

Lemmon said a rescuer came to him and eventually asked Lemmon if he knew what he hit.

"I said, 'I must have hit a bike because I saw them going down.' He said, 'No, you hit a bear!' I was like, 'You've got to be kidding me.' I've never even seen a bear in Florida."

The crashes caused another accident. A St. Johns County Sheriff's officer and another vehicle crashed on I-95 right by the motorcyclists.

Lemmon has a dislocated knee, bad road rash on his arms, and his left arm is extremely swollen. He will have to have reconstructive surgery on his leg. He said one friend had a skull fracture and she'll need surgery. Another friend had a broken foot.

Lemmon was wearing a helmet. He credits that to protecting his head and face. He said he will be able to ride again, but doubts he ever will.

Source: First Coast News

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