Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Fall Color Ride

My friend Mike and I just drove the route of our HOG Fall Color ride, scheduled for tomorrow. Given the weather today we wanted to be sure it would work, plus we wanted to check out road conditions, road work, etc. and plan some stops for photo-ops and congeniality. The good news is that the ride is still on and our timing is perfect. The colors all along the route, about 300 miles through the mountains and down into Utah via bear Lake and Logan Canyon, are absolutely at their I've seen in several years. The weather is supposed to be clear and sunny in the fifties and low sixties so it should be a great ride. I know that must seem cold to many of you from warmer climes but in the Rocky Mountain West, that's ridin' weather.

The bad news is that we may be looking at something like thirty-eight to forty degrees when we kick-off. Cold riding, but if you dress right you'll be okay. Should be some great pictures to share when I get home.

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Dean "D-Day" said...

Ah, the fall colors. Wisconsin is just starting to hit peak color. The Kettle Moraine here is an area of hills and gorges left behind by the glaciers which is perfect for an afternoon ride. The fall colors along the route right now are absolutely gorgeous.