Sunday, November 04, 2007

Have I mentioned that I love to ride?

I love it, absolutely love it. I love the feel, the smell, the taste, the sound of riding. It was about sixty degrees outside today and you couldn't have asked for better riding conditions. Especially in SE Idaho on the 4th of November. We have had consistently good weather for the last two weeks. (one day of rain but I rode then too). I hope it holds like this. Highs in the fifties most days and even the low sixty range, with sunshine and little wind. Some of my readers from warmer climes may find this weather a little chilly for riding but if you dress for it it is great. I hope it lasts until Christmas and then gets nice. Last year it was colder than this by now and the bike went in the shed about now. Not this year. I might make my goal of riding in every month of the year.
I ride to work each morning and it has been in the twenties most mornings, but I only have about three miles to go so I bundle up and take off. By the time I'm out of work, the temps are up and I can take a short ride before I head home.

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