Sunday, November 18, 2007

Riding in Idaho/Global Warming?

Although it has been overcast all day there has been no precip and the temp is up to sixty. I went out and rode for a couple of hours this morning. Put about 85 miles on the King, up over Bucksin to Rapid Creek, Rapid creek to Inkom, Inkom to Lava then back to McCammon for a cuppa joe and a gnosh. The over to Marsh Creek, down to Portneuf road and home. The temps were in the fifties, maybe high forties at the top of Buckskin and, although there is no snow evident. Higher up on the mountain tops you can see some white but I'm planning on riding for a while longer. By this time last year there was ice and snow and the bike was in the barn. Global warming/ climate change? Perhaps, and if there's an up side it's riding time. But the farmers and the ski areas need the snow and I have many friends who are chomping at the bit to get on the slopes. Not me though. I'll ride until it's just too damn icy and/or cold. Who knows, maybe a Christmas day ride this year?

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