Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Iron Horse Social Club

What makes a Biker Bar just that? if a place hangs out a sign that says "Bikers Welcome" are they really welcoming you or are they just welcoming your money? You, they could do without. In Savahna, Illinois sits "The Iron Horse Social Club: Where intellectual trash and bikers foregather." This is a gem of a place. Not only was it a warm and dry oasis after a couple of hours of riding in the rain, but the beer was cold and the owner has a collection of 16 antique bikes, mostly old board-track and flat-track racers in a variety of conditions. and all sitting on display inside. They have live music every weekend and I hear the place really jumps. If you're anywhere close in Iowa or Illinois, I'd make the stop. Some other bars and retaurants in this town also appear to cater to the biker trade. A good place, this Savahna.

Some good pictures from the Iron Horse

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