Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rain, Laughlin, Daytona

Temperatures were in the upper thirties today,currently 39. I would have rolled the bike out but it has been raining all day. Snow up above us on the mountain. Warm enough to ride dry but too cold for riding wet, at least for me.

At this time of year I always envy those whose financial means and work schedules allow them to run off to Daytona Bike Week (March 2nd-11th) but maybe someday I'll be able to go South too. The Laughlin River Run is coming up, a little closer to home but still in conflict with my work schedule. Still, it's something to shoot for. The event runs April 25-29, ZZ Top and The Fabulous Thunderbirds are booked, and room packages, event, and concert tickets are on sale now. Go here for more information. If you're headed for these events, go ahead and have a good time without me. I'll be thinking of you. May the roads be dry, the weather balmy and the beer cold.

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