Friday, May 25, 2007

The week so far.

I survived the forced riding hiatus and picked up the bike at the shop on Tuesday after work. It was still only in the forties and low fifties on Tuesday and only in the fifties on Wednesday. On Wednesday evening the HOG folks decided to forego the usual Wednesday night dinner ride and instead we went out to a local soccer field and help with the Field of Heroes display which is set up there each memorial day. This year, well over 3800 crosses representing the dead servicemen and women killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The numbers grow every day. I didn't have my camera that nigh but I will get some pictures tomorrow and post them here.

The weather has warmed and the forecast for the weekend is good. I'll probably have to give some time to the wife for some yard work but I will be riding as much as possible.
On Saturday we have a HOG family picnic which we have advertised for all Harley owners or wannabe Harley owners. You don't have to be a HOG member to attend. Then,On Monday we have our annual "Thunder Run" Memorial Day ride( I posted the itinerary here earlier) The POW/MIA riders, and others, including many HOG members, will ride to ceremonies honoring veterans in three different communities. Its a day long event, food and refreshments are provided by churches and other groups. Most of the riders are veterans or active military however, each year we are joined by many non-vets as well. I think this year that will definitely be the case, what with Iraq-Nam on everyone's mind. I'll get some pictures of these events and publish them as well.

Keep on keepin' on

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