Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Day Ride To Jackson-Tetons/Jackson Hole

You ride just a few miles out of Jackson to the north and you enter Teton National Park, which forms the southern border of Yellowstone.

Looking back down Jackson Hole you can see the ski mountain that sits above the town of Jackson.

The Grand Teton Range of the Rockies is one of the most photographed and most spectacular sites in the United States. The range was named by early French trappers and I guess they were thinking of home. In French, Grande Tetons means "big tits."
You can often see some of those at The Silver Dollar Bar in downtown Jackson.
Teton Web Cam

In downtown Jackson, the skiing is right there. In the winter you can watch skiers on the slopes from the town square. Jackson Town Square web cam

I'm not posting pictures of downtown Jackson. In the Summer it is packed with tourists and you can see that anytime. This is about the ride.


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