Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Idaho Monsoon Season

June can be a really wet month here. Today it has been raining continuously, sometimes fairly hard, all day long. Temps have been only in the forties. Not exactly good riding weather. That sucks because today was really my first day off from school. Although school finished last week, I was attending a teacher training seminar on Monday and Tuesday. That out of the way, I was looking forward to doing a little yard work and then going for a nice ride, but it was not to be. Rained out!

All was not a loss. Just recently my HOG chapter's webmaster quit and left the website needing some attention. I volunteered to take over as webmaster since I'm already doing the job of newsletter editor and the two seem for fit together well. Spent most of the day revamping the site, making some changes, putting in a few new and different features and such. You can check it out at

The forecast is for more rain tomorrow but then improving for the weekend. I certainly hope that holds true. I'm going on an all day river float on the Snake River on Saturday with a few teacher friends; much more enjoyable when it's not raining.It would be nice to be able to ride on Sunday too.

Wednesday nights during the riding season are our HOG Sonic nights. We gather at the drive in for food, conversation and a pick-up ride. Doubt that anyone will be out there tonight. Currently raining and forty-four degrees with a 13 mph wind. Brrrrrr! I think I'll watch a movie.

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