Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cool Wind In My Hair

I had a lot of stuff to get done around here today, not the least of which was to finish reading a book for a two day seminar I have to attend starting tomorrow. I did my laundry, helped my wife in the garden a bit and then went for a short, 50 mile spin on the bike. I can't say it often enough...riding is good for the soul. Came out of town headed south on old highway 30 and the vista was stunning. We've had a fairly wet spring and the mountains and the sage-brush desert wear their greenest clothes. The wildflowers bloom everywhere and, although we were in the eighties again today, about half-way through the ride some storm clouds came up and a cool breeze began to blow. The smell of rain was in the wind but it was off and away in the mountains. A short, beautiful ride. I'm lucky to live in this time and place. I came up through a short series of "s" curves up through the lava beds and hit the straight on top with the throttle open. I couldn't help myself. I shouted for joy.

Keep on keepin' on

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