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August is Biker Poetry Month

Roadpoet EMagazine,

Press Release ...
by Gray Hunter ...
Roadpoet Staff ...

August 2007:

Put your rubber to the road and your pen to the paper and tell the world you are a biker and a poet. This August is the third annual Bikerpoetry Month and all riders and writers are urged to take part in as many Bikerpoetry events as possible.
Yes, April is National Poetry Month, but in the Spring of 2005, the staff of RoadPoet eMagazine decided that Bikerpoets and Writers needed their own Poetry Month. Let's face it, April is cold and Bikers get their inspiration to write through their riding. Throughout the country, August is a good month for riding, so August was chosen for this honor.

So the question is, who can be part of Biker Poetry Month? Anyone who does the following:

- Publishes Biker Poetry
- Broadcasts Biker Poetry
- Gives a Biker Poetry lecture
- Hosts a Biker Poetry Workshop or a show
- How about a Bikerpoetry Month Cookout?

For more information or to add an event to the Bikerpoetry Month Events list, please contact RoadPoet eMagazine i/e at

Below is a partial list of Bikerpoetry Month events:

First Thursday, August 2nd, (Arrive: Between 6:30 - 6:45/Sign Up:
Between 6:30 - 7:00)Andy's Place, Lowell, MA Welcomes BikerPoets
to Lowell's First Poetry Open Mic and Slam.

Saturday, August 11, 2pm ... All invited ... Hopefully it's a ride!
Open Mic Village Book Store Bellows Vermont

Monday, August 13, 7pm ... Conway Library, Conway NH, A RoadHouse
Press Reading, All invited. Open Mic following feature.

Thursday, August 16, starts around 6 or 6:30pm, Gypsypashn's
Travelling Poetry Caravan Reading .. Downtown Medford and/or
3rd Annual Bikerpoetry Cookout to follow Reading at her home.

Monday, August 20, 8pm. Stone Soup Cambridge, Featuring
Colorado T. Sky and the Highway Poets

Tuesday, August 21,7:30PM at North Star Portland Maine,
Featuring J Barrett Wolf AKA Bear and the Roadpoet eMagazine
Staff and Friends

Saturday, August 25, 3rd Annual Second Hand Reeds Bookstore in
Saco Maine ... Colorado T. Sky

Sunday, August 26 Java Hut,Worcester, MA - Colorado T Sky
and the Highway Poets

Also during the month of August, several BikerPoets will be nominated as Bikerpoet Laureates. The present Bikerpoet and Motorcycle Poet Laureates are:

K. Peddlar Bridges aka The Peddlar,
Super Sunday (R) Expo, Poet Laureate.

Betsy Lister aka Gypsypashn,
Roadpoet eMagazine's, Massachusetts' Motorcycle Poet Laureate.
and Roadpoet eMagazine's New Hampshire Motorcycle poet Laureate.

Bill Rogers aka Wild Bill, The Alaskan Poet,
Roadpoet eMagazine's, Poet Laureate of the Northern Frontier.

And The Biker Poets and Writers' Association's,
National Bikerpoet Laureate, Colorado T.Sky.

Below is the criteria for 2007 Bikerpoet Laureateship:

The Motorcycle/Biker Poet Laureate will display an outstanding commitment to the Motorcycling and Poetry communities, as well as a serious commitment to riding and Poetry itself. The obligations and duties of the Motorcycle/Biker Poet Laureate are as follows, but are not limited to:

To be published in ink and light on a regular basis

To promote Roadpoet eMagazine and support Roadpoet eMagazine
poetry events.

To show a serious commitment to Motorcycling, Poetry and the Event
i/e the regional area the Motorcycle/Biker Poet Laureate represents.

To promote Motorcycling and Poetry on a regular basis.

To attend and perform at BikerPoetry readings and Motorcycling events
as to represent The Motorcycle/Biker Poet Laureateship at these events
on a regular basis.

To find a hard copy forum to represent the Motorcycle/Biker Poet
Laureateship, Motorcycling and the Motorcycle Poetry Community, always
striving to publish and promote other Biker Poets whenever possible.

If for any reason the set Motorcycle/Biker Poet Laureate can not fulfill these requirements as Motorcycle Poet Laureate by choice or circumstances, the Editor/Publisher of Roadpoet eMagazine i/e K. Peddlar Bridges will stand in place for The Motorcycle Poet Laureate for the remaining time or choose another Motorcycle Poet to do so.

The Poet Laureateship has a long standing in Literary and World History, dating from Virgil, Homer, Chaucer, through 18th century Britain, up until today, with such names as Billy Collins, Ted Kooser, and Suffolk County New York's Poet laureate, George Wallace. The mission of the Poet Laureate is to express -- The News, the Emotions, and the Excitement -- of the events for the group they represent. They are to be a collective voice, be it mirth or sorrow.

If you know someone you believe who fits this list? Please let us know.
So when the dust settles on the pavement and the parchment this September First, let's all look back on this year's Bikerpoetry Month, as a huge success!
Two notes:
First,please notice that most of the events listed take place in the East. Are there any events like it in the West?

Second. I'm pleased and proud to tell you that I am one of the Bikerpoet Laureate nominees.

Keep on keepin' on

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