Monday, July 09, 2007

Back Home Again

Returned Sunday evening from three days of camping and riding up in the West Yellowstone,MT/Island Park,ID country. Had an absolute blast. Only four of us went up early and camped and it was a very relaxing and rejuvinating experience. Already making plans for next year. On Sunday we were joined by about a dozen friends and together we rode to Quake Lake ( a lake created on the Madison River by a 1959 earthquake in the Yelowstone area--28 people died in the flooding) and other points of beauty and interest and then back home again.

On Wednesday I will ride to Boise for a gathering of my fellow teachers and writers from the 2005 Boise State writing project. Its 230 miles by interstate and 300+ by the scenic route through Sun Valley. I'll be taking the scenic route.

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