Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sunday-- Montpelier to Bear Lake

At Montpelier you turn south on US 89 and folow the shoreline of Bear Lake through a number of small towns, including Paris, ID, established in 1863. Paris France has Notre Dame Cathedral and Paris, Idaho has the historic Mormon Tabernacle.

The drive along the lake is beautiful and historic.

Bear Lake is quite a large natural lake straddling the border of Idaho and Utah, the site of several mountain man rendezvous during the fur trade era.

Hard to find a spot from which to see the entire lake, but the scenery never ends.

The road to Logan Canyon takes off from Garden city but I chose to go all the way to the lower end of lake the returned. Stopped and ate my lunch at this nice rest stop/ park along the lake.

I then headed back into Garden City and headed up the mountain and then down again for my 44 miles ride through Logan Canyon.

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