Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sunday Ride--Pocatello to Montpelier

You can follow this ride report by simply scroling down to the previous post. There are four posts.

Last Sunday, July 1, I went on a ride which took me on a loop down into Logan, Utah and home again. I started by headng out to Inkom, McCammon and beyond. This first picture from Marsh Creek Road above Inkom.

(Passsed throught the scenec town of Lava Hot Springs and snapped this shot of the Hot Pools there.

On over Fish Creek Summit on US 30 east. US 30 is a good road but carries a lot of truck traffic. Trucks heading for Montana and the Pacific Northwest leave I-80 near Little America, Wy, and cut across to catch I-15. They are making improvements on this route but you'l still run into a lot of truck traffic so be careful out there.

This road through Idaho folows the Oregon and California trails and there are many historical sites along the way.

Soon you'll arrive at the historic town of Soda Springs. On another trip you can turn here and head up to Gray's Lake, Star Valley, WY, and Jackson Hole.

But today we'll just head on down 30 to Montpelier. Stop here for a rest, a cold drink, and a chat with another Roadk King rider at the convenience store. You've come the first ninety miles and you're about to turn south.

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