Saturday, January 19, 2008

Biker, Bikerpoet, and ....Brewmeister?

Last night I uncapped the first bottle of home-brew I've ever done. Its a "special bitter" ale and tastes somewhat like "Red Hook". Nice amber color, strong hoppy taste and it opened with a pleasant "pfffft" so I knew I had good carbonation. I bottled five gallons, but I'll probably give a lot of it away to friends. In fact, although I love good beer, I will probably make more beer than I will ever come close to drinking myself. Home brewing is, I believe, a social networking hobby. Brewing friends got me started by sharing their products and I will be doing the same. I will start a batch of dark ale tomrrow. From cooking to opening the first bottle takes three to four weeks.

Since the roads are too icey for riding Imight as well be doing something productive and home-brewing kinda fits my personality and my personal life philosophy; relax, don't worry, have a beer.

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